Notre mission est de créer des articles de haute qualité en cuir qui peuvent être portés et utilisés pendant des années. Le cuir est un matériau naturel qui vit et doit donc être traité avec amour et soin. Nous voulons vous aider à prendre soin de vos articles en cuir afin que vous puissiez en profiter longtemps.

Nos cuirs

Chaque cuir a ses propres caractéristiques et cycle de vie. Par conséquent, chaque cuir a besoin de ses propres soins et traitements.

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Natural Leather Wax & Oil - 150 ml

A care product especially for natural leather types that are finished with wax and/or oil layer. It nourishes the leather (prevents dehydration), provides protection and restores the wax and/or oil layer of the leather.


A protective, colorless leather cream.

It nourishes, preserves suppleness and provides additional protection against influences including moisture, sebum, perspiration, dirt and UV radiation, etc

Do not use on fuzzy leather such as nubuck and suede.

Natural Leather Cleanser - 150ml

A mild and safe cleaner for all types of leather. Cleans effectively and removes light scratches, stains and old/dirty layers of leather cream.


Spray Waterproof

Our waterproofing spray.
Treats and protects all types of leather.

Wax & Oil
Nourishes, protects and restores the finish layer of the Classic and Cow Milled leathers, which are natural leather types with a wax and/or oil finish layer.
Care & Protect
For all other leather types, except nubuck or suede. This protective, colorless cream nourishes, preserves suppleness and protects against external influences like moisture, light, etc.
Waterproof Spray
We recommend to treat your bag with a waterproofing spray every 2-4 weeks. Light colors need more regular protection than dark tones. This treatment will protect against moisture and your bag will stay in good condition for a longer time.
A mild and safe cleaner for all types of leather. Cleans effectively and removes stains and old/dirty layers of leather cream. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area of your bag before applying to the entire bag.


Votre cuir est un matériau vivant et naturel, c'est pourquoi il est normal que, au fil des ans, certaines petites taches peuvent apparaître.
Light scratches
As our leathers do not have a synthetic top finish, it is normal for a bag to arrive with small light scratches from transportation. These can be removed with the correct leather lotion, according to your type of leather (Wax & Oil or Care & Protect).
Pen marks
Pen marks are one of the toughest stains to get off leather. If you’ve accidentally marked your bag with a pen, the best you can do is act quickly to remove the stain. Use a leather lotion, such as our Leather Cleanser, and slightly rub the mark immediately. Please be aware there is always the risk that you will spread the ink, especially if it’s a new bag. The other thing you can try is using a pen eraser (usually the blue part of an eraser) to scratch off the leather slightly which may remove the mark.
Did your water bottle leak in your bag and leave a mean water stain? We recommend using moisturizing on water marks. Using a cloth, apply a small amount of the cream to the affected area and rub slowly in circular motion. Try to spread it evenly across that area of the bag, and then let it dry naturally.
Olive oil
The key to remove olive oil spots is to do it as soon as the stain is made. We recommend applying a lot of talcum powder on the stain and wait until the oil was absorbed and until the powder turns into pieces. Then, remove the powder very carefully. If the stain remains visible, you can repeat the operation. At the end, it is important to treat your whole bag with a moisturizing lotion.
Stains on Daim and Suède
Daim and Suède are among the most delicate leathers on the market. The best way to keep Daim in top shape is to 'comb' it with a special brush which can be bought at a cobbler's. The brush can also be used to remove certain slight stains. If the stain is dry, grab a pencil eraser. Work the eraser over the stain, making small circular motions and applying light pressure. Brush the suede to restore the fibers (nap) once the stain is gone.
Color evolution
Leather is a living and natural material that ages, so the color deepens and develops a nice sheen. Its color will also alter when exposed to sunlight and with handling. With all our leathers we advise to be careful when wearing on light clothing as there’s no synthetic top finish.
In case of a blood stain on leather, you should apply cold water or oxygen water directly with a damp cloth or sponge. Some brands, such as Dr. Beckmann, have special blood stain remover products.

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