An artist from Bordeaux in love with color, Eve Lippa is studied the arts, then started by working as an architecture colorist in her home city. After that, she was an art teacher for a few years (in an elementary school and in a studio that she set up). Then, Eve finally decided to fully devote herself to painting.

She loves bright colors, her paintings are sensitive and spontaneous. In her little blue studio, she paints on paper, but loves painting on many different forms, (little boxes, cardboard vases...).

She likes to paint fruits and vegetables, portraits, objects, even if she thinks that actually, it doesn't really matter what she paints. Anything can be painted. For her, it's a subjective, sensitive, and momentary representation of the world, of things, of feelings. Her implicit favorite themes are Love and Happiness.

The most valuable compliment for her ? When she is told that her paintings make feel good. In any case, she paints them with Love.



What was the trigger for this collaboration?

When you all at Clio Goldbrenner contacted me to propose this collaboration, I instantly accepted. I like to paint on new kinds of mediums. Also, Love is one of my favorite themes, and I can even say that it is implicitly present in all my work.


What is the concept of this limited edition ?

Love and Passion on 20 CLIO MINI pouches as part of valentine's day. There is a unique and original painting on each pouch. The 20 pouches are all different and they have all been numbered.


Where did you get your inspiration?

These images immediately came to mind when I thought about Love and Passion : of course hearts, but also flowers, suns, tender words. And for colors : some red, some pink, and my other bright colors. In my work, I also like to paint words and associate them with an illustration, so I thought I could do the same on the CLIO MINI pouches.


Where will these unique CLIO MINI be distributed?

These painted CLIO MINI pouches are available on CLIO GOLDBRENNER eshop, but also in the CLIO GOLDBRENNER flagship store in Antwerp in Belgium. The brand has just launched its new collection.


Did you fall for a specific model ?

It was difficult to choose ! The little Etna bag is very cute, and the very nice Momos bag would be handy to take everywhere with my sketchbooks and markers !

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