Every summer has a story. The summer of 2020 will no doubt be a bit special, but it's up to us to make it a memorable and enjoyable time. How about a road trip in your own country, discovering hidden gems and timeless classics? The Clio team will share its favorite places in Belgium with you throughout the summer.

An old but gold classic : GHENT

Ghent, with its charming canals, and Deurle, its cozy little neighboring village.
Full of life and poetic, Ghent is definitely worth a day or weekend trip. The city offers a fascinating cocktail of cultural activities thanks to its rich history and its many local shops. Let yourself be carried away by the energy of the city life. The city and its surroundings are so varied and full of character that they are the ideal destination for a safe and relaxing getaway.

De Krook, a source of inspiration

This architectural masterpiece is a unique meeting place where not only the people of Ghent, but also curious visitors are immersed in a mix of culture and innovation. The imposing building is situated on a meander of the Scheldt and includes a new public library, a reading and eating café and green spaces.

Feel like walking, relaxing and enjoying the sun? Then this is the place for you! Don't forget to soak up the atmosphere of this fantastic place.

Sporty spice tip : Take a kayak trip on the surrounding canals and explore the area in an adventurous way.

The Graslei and Korenlei

Iconic and indispensable, the attractive Graslei and Korenlei are undoubtedly among the most beautiful places in the city! Dream on the banks of the Lys River, where the charm and beauty of Ghent is reflected.  

Surrounded by unique historic buildings and houses, this is a well-known central meeting place. Ideal for enjoying an aperitif with friends on a sunny day. Sit on the banks of the Lys River or at one of the surrounding terraces, and hours of enjoyment are guaranteed.   

Clio Goldbrenner Flagship store
A visit to our shop on the Brabantdam is not to be missed! Our saleswoman Safiya welcomes you to show you the new collections and to give you some personal advice. 

Everyone knows Ghent, but have you ever heard of its neighbor, the picturesque village of Deurle ?
This beautiful little village in the municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem has seduced us with its paved streets and its small flowered houses. Deurle lies on the banks of the beautiful Lys River. This picturesque village is famous for the painters of the St. Martin's Latem School.

Bike ride to the Ooidonk Castle
Deurle is the ideal place for a short bike ride along the Lys River. Take the road to the Ooidonk Castle and let yourself be surprised by the view of this fairy-tale castle. The castle is normally open to the public from the 1st of April to the 15th of September. The park (French garden) can be visited all year round.

Museum Dhont Dhaenens and The Wunderkammer Residence
In need of culture? Head to the magnificent Dhont Dhaenens Museum (MDD). This foundation exhibits important private collections of modern and contemporary art.

Lovers of architecture will also be surprised by the Wunderkammer Residence, a project by the artist Hans Op de Beeck. The presence of this contemporary building in the small village is very surprising and unique. This contemporary "Wunderkammer" houses the collection of the personal library of Jan Hoet (1936 - 2014) and at the same time serves as a residence for artists, curators, researchers and writers.

These spots are the favorites ones of the Clio team, and are of course just a few of the many hidden gems of Ghent and Deurle.

Every summer has a story...


The Clio team

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