At the occasion of International Women’s Day, the entire Clio team wanted to pay a special tribute to all women in light of this celebration. We called it ‘WHAT MAKES A WOMAN?’.


She holds her head high, even when in pain or doubt, to continuously shape the woman she aspires to be. And make her dreams a reality.
She is the glue that binds families to laugh, to comfort, to love, to join forces. To create memories.
She stands up for herself. And for others.
She raises her voice with courage and resolution to battle for a stronger, sweeter, brighter, more responsible tomorrow.
She is a woman of faith and integrity, standing confident with her passions and ambitions.
She goes through trials with positivity and turns them into strengths.
She is the pillar of love, attention and care when a friend is in need.
She defies inequalities with determination.
She challenges the status quo and norms to embrace the difference, in all shapes and forms. To create progress.
She celebrates every moment of life and pauses for self-care.
She is all the pieces and fragments she assembled herself. A mother, a sister, a daughter, a confidant. A role model. A warrior.

A woman is a force of nature.

So instead of asking, “What Makes a Woman?”
the real question should be “What Does A Woman Make?”
And the answer is, “With positivity and strength, a woman makes everything.”

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